Christmas and bad health

First of all, we have to ask ourselves: what do we want to achieve this Christmas? We want to spend time with the family, laugh, listen to music, dance or choke on high-fat foods without nutrients to end the year with diabetes or other diseases that cause poor diet and excesses. We must bear in mind that this objective is affordable and realistic since it is true that it is not bad from time to time to eat a little sweet things and set very high expectations thinking that we should only eat salad will only make us frustrated.

If Christmas itself begins on December 24, days before we will meet other commitments with friends, co-workers and this will be when we will have to be careful not to activate the autopilot because those extra hangouts are those that can unbalance the balance. In addition to traditional Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners and Christmas and New Year’s meals we can have some more events, but not a whole month of excesses.

Healthy Christmas
Specialists suggest a series of guidelines to enjoy a healthier Christmas and meet the goal of maintaining weight, you can read more in Fahmy Lab Medical Research Blog.

Practice exercise. It is the best way to compensate for excesses. It helps maintain balance and that what has been eaten and drunk during these days does not have a negative impact on the weight

In many homes, it is tradition to cook a large amount of food and consume the leftovers the following days. Big mistake, since the excess will not only be done on the day of the celebration in question but also the successive days. So the best thing is to try to cook only the amount that is going to be consumed that day, and if there is something left, distribute it among the guests.

This also applies to sweets, since it is not a matter of having a tray of nougat, etc. all month in an exhibition. If you are greedy, you will have to fight every day with temptation and, you know, the best way to avoid temptation is to not have it within our reach. To do this, plan the purchase well so that we have the sweets on special days and consume them in a moderate amount.