How to maintain weight on holidays

The holidays are already in sight and many people are wondering what they can do to not return to work with a few extra kilos. The extremes are not recommended since isolating oneself and not celebrating these dates means losing very good moments with family and friends, good meals, but it is also true that holidays should not be synonymous with overeating. Undoubtedly, these are moments for enjoyment and fun, but they require control so that they do not cause a weight and health problem. Below are some tips for not gaining weight during vacations and you can read more about health inĀ TWEAK99 MEDICAL.

Choose to light appetizers. It is usual that the table is full of dishes with different appetizers. In this case, instead of eating directly from the trays, because in the end you lose the notion of how much we have eaten and arrive at the main dish almost without hunger, it is preferable to serve what we are going to consume on a plate and avoid repeating.

As main dishes, it is more advisable to choose fish meat and meat decant for those more lean, such as turkey or chicken. But if tradition is to prepare lamb or suckling pig, enjoy those typical dishes controlling the amount.

It is advisable that the garnishes are not very strong. We can prepare, in substitution of fried potatoes, cooked, roasted or mashed potatoes, baked or grilled vegetables, salads. Try to serve yourself only a small piece of bread to accompany the meal and avoid dipping in sauces or butter.

The drink that accompanies the dishes must also be taken into account. The alcoholic drinks give empty calories, that is to say, a lot of energy and little or no nutritional contribution. We must take special care with those of high alcoholic strength or combined that, in addition to alcohol, have a large amount of sugar.

Dessert. Why not prepare a different one with a fruit base as a healthy alternative so as not to end up with discomfort after the banquet? Pineapple carpaccio with orange juice and cinnamon, fruit skewer with cocoa cover, apple roasted with cinnamon, pears with wine. There are many possibilities to not leave the guests indifferent.