The new patch to measure glucose

We all love to read  good news about medicine in Koozeedoo FAMILY HEALTH BLOG and now this is another small breakthrough in modern medicine: the patch extracts glucose from the fluid between the cells and the hair follicles, accessed by miniature sensors

A new adhesive patch is used to measure the level of glucose through the skin, which could make millions of diabetics do not have to hurt themselves for periodic measurements.

The patch extracts glucose from the fluid between the cells through the hair follicles, accessed individually by miniature sensors that use small electric current, and collects it in small reservoirs to measure it.

Glucose level readings can be done every 10 or 15 minutes over several hours.

Thanks to the design of the set of sensors and reservoirs, the patch does not need to be calibrated with a blood sample, which makes fingerprints unnecessary.

The team that created the device hopes that it can become a low-cost device that regularly sends relevant measurements of the glucose level to the user’s smartphone or watch and alerts them if it is necessary to take any action.

An important advantage of this device, according to the researchers, is that each miniature sensor can operate in a small area on an individual hair follicle which increases the accuracy of the measurements.

For this study, the team tested the patch on both pigskins, where it showed that it could accurately read glucose levels throughout the range observed in diabetic human patients, as well as in volunteers, in which it was also able to monitor variations of blood sugar throughout the day.

The next step is to improve the design of the patch to optimize the number of sensors in the device, to demonstrate its total effectiveness during a period of 24 hours and perform fundamental clinical trials.