Alcohol and the shadow of death

We all know a relative who drinks too much, you may want to warn him that drinking a lot of alcohol can reduce years of life and we are not only talking about premature deaths from driving while intoxicated or accidents related to these, we are talking about literally living less As the average life expectancy, as experienced doctors have discovered after analyzing the medical histories of 600,000 people who consume alcohol in 19 countries, a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge came to a conclusion: drinking a drink of alcohol daily can shorten life from 40 years.

In the research, published in a specialized journal, it was found that drinking between 5 and 10 alcoholic drinks a week could shorten the life of the user in six months.

This reduction increases as alcohol consumption increase: those who drink 18 or more drinks can lose up to 5 years of life. And we as humans always look for ways to live longer, we read articles in Greater Lauraville Medical to know how to take care of our bodies better and now with this study, we have the chance to change our lives for good.

The scientists, who compared the clinical histories and the alcohol consumption habits of people in the selected countries, calculated how much of a person’s life could be lost if he took the same way for the rest of his life since he was 40 years old.

The study found that the maximum limit for safe drinking before it triggers a higher risk of death, is around 12.5 units per week, the equivalent of about five pints of beer or five glasses of 175 ml of wine which is a good quantity to enjoy a good moment and have fun. So do not be scared, alcohol is not all bad you just have to watch to avoid falling into excesses if you want to see your grandchildren grow.