Family values in schools

We all know how important it is to have a physically healthy family, we can find several articles on ONC HEALTH REHAB Health Blog that help us to inform ourselves about health and thus improve it. However, spiritual health is also an important issue, that is why many families have been very well this autonomic journey of educational pastoral that has focused on this collaboration, offering different approaches and tools to work the spiritual dimension of the family in schools. The activity took place throughout the day in different schools and consisted of four lectures where various theoretical and practical instruments have been exposed to articulate family pastoral projects.

Among the papers has highlighted the intervention of doctors in Psychology. The experts have offered practical tools to help fathers and mothers acquire skills to develop a fuller relationship with their children in the first years of life. Today, young people face more and more pressures in life than when their parents were young and should help them seek professional help.

And is that many have seen the excellent results of good school education at an early age and its effects throughout a lifetime as not only did they have a better family life, but also the values necessary to be a productive person in society. It is not uncommon for people with values to have better positions in their jobs and earn more because they perform better jobs being good working as a team.

Recommendations were also given to parents to help their children eat together as a family at least once a day, perform physical activities in the evenings, limit the use of electronic devices before sleep. All this in order to live more in the family and make a stronger bond, so when your child comes to you the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and sex, you will know where to go for advice, with your family that is always there for him.