Sex education, little or zero in schools

Maybe many of us remember when we were just going to enter the stage of puberty and it was time for teachers to talk about sex education, there was a lot of confusion not like now that we have internet and there are a lot of medical blogs likeNotaball Health. Long time ago some teachers just made us read pages of a book that talked about the physical changes we would have or they put a video on VHS that taught everything a pre-teen should know, and then they just asked if they had questions, children with such a “shameful” theme for that age it was obvious that they would not want to ask questions in front of all their friends . Even some professors never talked about the subject and thus they taught us that it was a taboo.

That was almost all the sex education we received most of those who today have between 30 and 40. Although some parents did explain these issues to their children, the vast majority just talked about it. After these projections all we knew was that puberty was accompanied by acne, there were menstrual periods, erections and attraction for the opposite sex. Always the opposite sex (never the same) and always with the aim of procreating. Abortion was bad, without discussion. And masturbation was an alternative to release sexual tension but it could be accompanied by some guilt. And that guilt was represented as an accusing finger that came from heaven. The metaphor, evidently, was not the strength of these people.

Currently more and more people, both parents or people who teach children and adolescents, know how important it is for future generations to be informed about sexuality, the different contraceptive methods, so that she does not get pregnant if she does not want and about the prevailing need to decriminalize abortion so that women stop dying in unsafe practices and places.