Sleep to grow

Many families to get more money or sometimes simply the money needed to cover basic needs make long workdays and if you have children of school age should help them to carry out their homework or school projects which often results in sleepless nights or complications to reach the stage of deep sleep. For adults that makes them have a bad character, low concentration and have low energy levels, in the case of children, the fact of not getting enough sleep or not having a set schedule to go to bed, implies a bad quality of sleep, directly impacting their development if the problem is not corrected in time.

In childhood, growth is promoted by somatropin, better known as growth hormone. It is produced by the pituitary gland and is released mainly at night, during the deep sleep stage of children; If they have difficulty sleeping or the quality of their rest is not appropriate, they will have complications to reach the optimal height for their age. You can learn more about your children’s need forĀ Sky Pulse Medical

The physical development of children is a process in which various factors intervene, both internal and external and of these, the dream is one of the most important.
If a child is unable to achieve a good night’s sleep at night for a while
prolonged, can get to suffer short stature, which means that of continuing
thus, it will hardly reach its normal size when reaching adulthood.

The dream consists of several stages, one of which is known as deep sleep and is what determines a good or poor quality of sleep. Currently, there are a lot of situations that make it difficult for children to get to it, such as electronic devices and stress.

That is why it is good to promote in families the restriction of the use of electronic devices up to one hour before sleep, before the increase in consultations for sleep disorders, such as insomnia and the addictive behaviors that they usually generate.