Children searching for family

With so many places looking to be parents and so many children wanting to have a family, it is more than fabulous that there is a program to solve this problem, there are thousands of children who remain under the guardianship of protection centers waiting to be welcomed by some family, hence the new campaign that the regional administration and the Red Cross have started this Tuesday in the framework of a pioneering program throughout Spain that already has three decades of experience.

Under the slogan ‘You are looking for a host family. Reward: the happiness of a child and yours, “the new campaign seeks to sensitize the population in foster care, a form of alternative care based on solidarity that allows minors, whose biological families cannot assume your attention and education, grow in a stable family environment for a certain time.  Taking care of kids can be hard sometimes but now we have a lot of help in so many ways, many families also love the help that gives the blog of Barcamp Medical Antwerpen

The counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, have presented the reissue of this type of campaigns that in the last achieved that 66 new families were enrolled in the program and that has been applauded by both the president of the Federation of Friendly Families, and for a welcoming family immersed in this initiative for twelve years.

But in addition, new tools have been put in place such as the identification and accreditation system of the welcoming family so that families can accredit this condition to third parties in order to facilitate administrative procedures or procedures for the benefit of the foster children.

One of the novelties is that the motto of the same goes on this occasion accompanied by another image with the silhouette of a family with the beach in the background and the suitcases prepared whose message is aimed at families to carry out holidays under the slogan: Do you have room for one more child on your holidays ?.

With this novelty we want to promote the care of over 7 years of age through family foster care during holiday periods, ensuring that children who are in residential care have an experience of family coexistence during the summer vacation period.