Educate your children to have a better planet

As parents, we try to teach good things to our children, from manners to how they should take care of their bodies, eat healthily, exercise among many other tips that we find in health blogs asĀ ENSEMBLE MEDIA and we, in turn, teach our children. And right now one of the most important things we can teach them is to be environmentalists because if we all are and we teach our children to be, nature, the earth, will thank us. But we should not even do it because it will thank us. We must be because our life depends on it and for love of other living beings. Let’s think: if we do not take care of the land, what kind of inheritance will we leave to our children? A place without water, without animals, with infertile land .. This is a chaotic and apocalyptic scenario but that is where we are going if we do not take care of our planet and teach others to take care of it. We can start with a few simple steps:

Teach children to turn off the lights when they are not necessary. The energy is a good that is exhausted and we must try not to use more than necessary, besides that, used in excess, it damages the planet.

Wash only the clothes that are really dirty. The washing machine costs water and electricity and the soap used is poured, so we must use it for the minimum necessary. Before putting the dirty clothes in the basket destined for it, we will see if the clothes are really dirty or we can still put them on again.

Take care of water There are many occasions in which water is wasted, a precious and scarce commodity in many parts of the planet. It is important that parents who are committed to the world around us educate their children, from an early age, on the importance and necessity of this good. So you have to try to educate them on what is better the shower than the daily bath. Water is saved and, in addition, less skin is attacked.