Having insurance is preventing

The main concern of parents is to have their family well and safe, they know that accidents can happen and they have to be prepared for these, a good insurance protects the whole family. You can read more about taking care of your family inĀ QLDIT Relief

Currently, Spanish families spend on insurance in 2015 at just over 1,000 euros per month, according to the latest data available. Of this figure, 45 percent goes to protect the vehicle, 21 percent to protect the health of the family, 20 percent goes to home insurance and 14 percent to death insurance.

As not all households have the same needs, not all Spanish families have the same insurance contracts, but the data indicate that the protection of property and the health of the family represents a considerable part of the annual family budget. To help families make this investment in protection, many insurance companies have the option to group the contracting policies. This option allows the insured to unify the receipts and divide their payment, in addition to achieving the loyalty of the insured.

All families should have an insurer that covers the different personal and patrimonial needs of the family, offering tranquility and security in the most difficult moments.

Policies tailored to the family
It is better to look for an insurance that also allows you to customize the premium model of the funeral insurance for each member of the family, in order to adapt it to the age of each insured. And if you have the guarantee of a company specialized in the field, better since you will want the provision of the best services when you find yourself in one of the most delicate moments for your family. The assistance for carrying out all the legal, legal and bureaucratic procedures necessary so that the relatives do not have to worry about anything, is another point that you can look for if your budget allows it.