International Congress on Mental Health, Profession and Society

Many times we see congresses of pediatricians or dentists as we can see in DENTAL INFLUENCERS but now the Academic Body of the School of Engineering and Business, Guadalupe Victoria, organized the First International Congress on Mental Health, Profession and Society.

As part of the program, 17 lectures, fourteen poster exhibitions, three workshops, fourteen lectures, as well as three symposia were offered.

The leader of the academic body commented that it was made in order to generate a space for discussion and exchange of reflections about the lines of work of the future of Psychology, expand the perspective of the problems and generate new ideas. And also many people wanted to experts talk about this subjects because they found me really important these days due to diverse problems our society is going through and affect many families.

A special guest was Dr. Robert Tobias from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, who gave the keynote address on Behavioral changes associated with health: an approach from the psychology of health.

During his speech, he commented that there are several problems that affect society such as pollution, overpopulation, health and the need for individual well-being. In order to generate some behaviors in society in order to benefit their health, it is also necessary to change laws, infrastructures, as well as to use psychological methods, either to convince the individual according to their situation.

It showed two campaigns that were carried out in less favored communities of Bolivia and Ethiopia, these campaigns of persuasion was to convince them to boil water and use potable water to reduce health risks.

However, he mentioned some of the challenges that can be encountered by which the expected change in behavior does not occur; for example, those that are based on trust, that have effective connotations, or symbolic values which give us some status.