Medical Services Faster For All

Right now, governments want to reduce the number of patients in the hospital and one of the best measures they can take is the telemedicine project since it is said that it will be able to reduce up to 70% the referral of patients to the hospital. If you do not know what telemedicine is, this works like going to a medical consultation but, at a distance, information and communication technologies make this new form of services possible. Just by sitting in front of a computer, a patient or a relative of the patient can make a consultation and obtain an accurate diagnosis with the appropriate treatment. It can also be used in cases where the patient seeks a second medical opinion, you  can read more in Fearameer Center

Telemedicine has come to revolutionize the world of medicine and to ensure the health of many patients who, due to certain diseases, age or simply distance, find it difficult to reach hospitals. For this, the case is planned that in several areas of health there is a direct thread between family doctors and specialists with which to improve the care of cardiac patients by reducing hospital visits, waiting to go to the consultation and avoid delays in the diagnosis.

Within the telemedicine project, several health centers have been equipped with digital electrospheres, in whose use the Primary Care teams have been trained to carry out the tests and to be quicker in providing care.

The specialists who have worked with this methodology point out that in the five months they have been working with this project, they have achieved important results such as reducing by 50 percent the referrals of Primary Care to cardiology consultations globally and up to 70 percent. cent in the health centers that have digital electros to complement the telemedicine work that is done by video conference. In addition, the waiting time of the patient for a first consultation has also decreased, standing between one and two days waiting to see the specialist, as indicated.