The new thing is to make love to the planet

Before you start to laugh, you must remember that we are all different and that in love and sex there are no rules: what attracts some in others may seem ridiculous. With this initial approach, it is logical that the world of sex is as broad as the sky we see from the ground: from practices considered common to those taken to the extreme of paraphilias. Where you see simple shoes another person sees a reason for excitement. Where you see a simple bush in the middle of the field an ecosexual feels the desire to masturbate.

Ecosexuality is not a paraphilia, we must begin clarifying. Ecosexuals do not get sexually aroused by rocks, green stools, forests or trees, but they see in them a reason for communion with nature. Of sexual communion, of course: ecosexuals love the planet, taking their passion to the extreme of carnal desire. We would say that ecosexuality starts from the principles of the defense of nature to simplify the relationship with the planet to the maximum, finding in it a motive of desire and pleasure. Of course, they recommend you to be careful with this activities, so you don’t get infections, read more in

Making love to the planet in the literal sense supposes masturbating among the bushes, as we said before, but also finding pleasure by rubbing the leaves of the trees. After all, nature is sensual and invites pleasure, we are all part of nature, our ancestors did. Also, how are you going to take care of something you do not love? Loving nature in this way is a good way to learn to respect it, to love it and also to defend it, they are still the foundations of ecology.

This new movement seeks to create a symbiosis between humans and nature. Go back to the basics, understand that we only have one planet and that we must respect it as we respect and love our partner, waste as little as possible the natural resources, assume the ecology as a fundamental part of ourselves.