What is an ultrasound and what is it used for?

When they tell you that you need to have an ultrasound scan for the first time, you may have many doubts and you may be nervous and have a lot of questions, if you know better this subject you will be more calm in your medical studies, learning is always a good thing, you can learn more in Magic Chicago Health Center. One of the most frequent questions for young first-time students is: Does this ultrasound hurt?
Pain is one of the things we try to avoid the most by nature, but in fact, breast ultrasounds do not hurt, as they are non-invasive tests. In addition, by not using X-rays do not pose any danger from radiation.

Another one of the doubts is the confusion between one study and another, for example, they ask: Is a mammogram the same as a chest ultrasound?
It is true that both tests study the breast of patients to detect cysts or other alterations but have their differences. Mammography uses a small amount of radiation to obtain images of the inside of the breast. To do it, the breast is placed on the machine designed to do this test and it is compressed to be able to see all the mammary tissues.

Breast ultrasound is usually used as a complementary mammography scan to obtain images of the inside of the breast. When the results of both are crossed, more complete information about the state of the breast is obtained.

Go to your gynecologist to study your case and, if necessary, perform a breast ultrasound. If something has been found on a mammogram that needs to be explored further, breast ultrasound will provide more information.

Remember that prevention is very important and do not be afraid to talk about these issues with your friends and family, the more informed they are, it is the better.