The new thing is to make love to the planet

Before you start to laugh, you must remember that we are all different and that in love and sex there are no rules: what attracts some in others may seem ridiculous. With this initial approach, it is logical that the world of sex is as broad as the sky we see from the ground: from practices considered common to those taken to the extreme of paraphilias. Where you see simple shoes another person sees a reason for excitement. Where you see a simple bush in the middle of the field an ecosexual feels the desire to masturbate.

Ecosexuality is not a paraphilia, we must begin clarifying. Ecosexuals do not get sexually aroused by rocks, green stools, forests or trees, but they see in them a reason for communion with nature. Of sexual communion, of course: ecosexuals love the planet, taking their passion to the extreme of carnal desire. We would say that ecosexuality starts from the principles of the defense of nature to simplify the relationship with the planet to the maximum, finding in it a motive of desire and pleasure. Of course, they recommend you to be careful with this activities, so you don’t get infections, read more in

Making love to the planet in the literal sense supposes masturbating among the bushes, as we said before, but also finding pleasure by rubbing the leaves of the trees. After all, nature is sensual and invites pleasure, we are all part of nature, our ancestors did. Also, how are you going to take care of something you do not love? Loving nature in this way is a good way to learn to respect it, to love it and also to defend it, they are still the foundations of ecology.

This new movement seeks to create a symbiosis between humans and nature. Go back to the basics, understand that we only have one planet and that we must respect it as we respect and love our partner, waste as little as possible the natural resources, assume the ecology as a fundamental part of ourselves.

The terror of breast cancer

Breast cancer is undoubtedly the most frequent tumor in Western women. Some 25,000 women are diagnosed each year in Spain for breast cancer. Although the diagnostic data make the hair stand on end because one in eight women between 55 and 60 years old is diagnosed with breast cancer, the survival figure is frankly very positive, reaching 83%. Even so, we must be alert as there is a growth of new cases in women under 50. You can find more information about this and other diseases in Exquisite Medical

Currently, breast cancer survival rates have increased and the number of deaths related to this disease is steadily decreasing, largely due to factors such as earlier detection, a new approach to personalized treatment and a better understanding of the disease.

Early detection is one of the major concerns and occupations of women’s health specialists. For this reason, gynecologists constantly insist on the importance of periodic check-ups in order to obtain an early diagnosis. The reviews consist of mammograms and ultrasounds for the detection of possible anomalies. Breast cancer is the malignant tumor that originates in the tissue of the mammary gland. If these cancers are diagnosed at a very early stage, the approach can be much less invasive for patients.

Unit of Excellence
In this sense, several hospitals have undergone a strict audit to obtain the accreditation of their Breast Cancer Excellence Unit by the Accreditation Committee of the Breast Units of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology. Fulfilling thus the requirements for the assistance to the patients with mammary pathology.

This means that the gynecology and obstetrics service must reach the maximum distinction in diagnosis, treatment, information, quality and recognition by patients, professionals and health authorities.

The head of the medical units that have approved this certification are proud that they have valued the effort made by the entire breast team to obtain this distinction and has been very optimistic to receive the diploma that accredits the Excellence of the Unit in Breast Pathology because, this is the official confirmation, after an intense audit, that things are doing well and manages to highlight the high-quality standard of hospitals.

Children searching for family

With so many places looking to be parents and so many children wanting to have a family, it is more than fabulous that there is a program to solve this problem, there are thousands of children who remain under the guardianship of protection centers waiting to be welcomed by some family, hence the new campaign that the regional administration and the Red Cross have started this Tuesday in the framework of a pioneering program throughout Spain that already has three decades of experience.

Under the slogan ‘You are looking for a host family. Reward: the happiness of a child and yours, “the new campaign seeks to sensitize the population in foster care, a form of alternative care based on solidarity that allows minors, whose biological families cannot assume your attention and education, grow in a stable family environment for a certain time.  Taking care of kids can be hard sometimes but now we have a lot of help in so many ways, many families also love the help that gives the blog of Barcamp Medical Antwerpen

The counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, have presented the reissue of this type of campaigns that in the last achieved that 66 new families were enrolled in the program and that has been applauded by both the president of the Federation of Friendly Families, and for a welcoming family immersed in this initiative for twelve years.

But in addition, new tools have been put in place such as the identification and accreditation system of the welcoming family so that families can accredit this condition to third parties in order to facilitate administrative procedures or procedures for the benefit of the foster children.

One of the novelties is that the motto of the same goes on this occasion accompanied by another image with the silhouette of a family with the beach in the background and the suitcases prepared whose message is aimed at families to carry out holidays under the slogan: Do you have room for one more child on your holidays ?.

With this novelty we want to promote the care of over 7 years of age through family foster care during holiday periods, ensuring that children who are in residential care have an experience of family coexistence during the summer vacation period.

Having insurance is preventing

The main concern of parents is to have their family well and safe, they know that accidents can happen and they have to be prepared for these, a good insurance protects the whole family. You can read more about taking care of your family in QLDIT Relief

Currently, Spanish families spend on insurance in 2015 at just over 1,000 euros per month, according to the latest data available. Of this figure, 45 percent goes to protect the vehicle, 21 percent to protect the health of the family, 20 percent goes to home insurance and 14 percent to death insurance.

As not all households have the same needs, not all Spanish families have the same insurance contracts, but the data indicate that the protection of property and the health of the family represents a considerable part of the annual family budget. To help families make this investment in protection, many insurance companies have the option to group the contracting policies. This option allows the insured to unify the receipts and divide their payment, in addition to achieving the loyalty of the insured.

All families should have an insurer that covers the different personal and patrimonial needs of the family, offering tranquility and security in the most difficult moments.

Policies tailored to the family
It is better to look for an insurance that also allows you to customize the premium model of the funeral insurance for each member of the family, in order to adapt it to the age of each insured. And if you have the guarantee of a company specialized in the field, better since you will want the provision of the best services when you find yourself in one of the most delicate moments for your family. The assistance for carrying out all the legal, legal and bureaucratic procedures necessary so that the relatives do not have to worry about anything, is another point that you can look for if your budget allows it.

Educate your children to have a better planet

As parents, we try to teach good things to our children, from manners to how they should take care of their bodies, eat healthily, exercise among many other tips that we find in health blogs as ENSEMBLE MEDIA and we, in turn, teach our children. And right now one of the most important things we can teach them is to be environmentalists because if we all are and we teach our children to be, nature, the earth, will thank us. But we should not even do it because it will thank us. We must be because our life depends on it and for love of other living beings. Let’s think: if we do not take care of the land, what kind of inheritance will we leave to our children? A place without water, without animals, with infertile land .. This is a chaotic and apocalyptic scenario but that is where we are going if we do not take care of our planet and teach others to take care of it. We can start with a few simple steps:

Teach children to turn off the lights when they are not necessary. The energy is a good that is exhausted and we must try not to use more than necessary, besides that, used in excess, it damages the planet.

Wash only the clothes that are really dirty. The washing machine costs water and electricity and the soap used is poured, so we must use it for the minimum necessary. Before putting the dirty clothes in the basket destined for it, we will see if the clothes are really dirty or we can still put them on again.

Take care of water There are many occasions in which water is wasted, a precious and scarce commodity in many parts of the planet. It is important that parents who are committed to the world around us educate their children, from an early age, on the importance and necessity of this good. So you have to try to educate them on what is better the shower than the daily bath. Water is saved and, in addition, less skin is attacked.

What is an ultrasound and what is it used for?

When they tell you that you need to have an ultrasound scan for the first time, you may have many doubts and you may be nervous and have a lot of questions, if you know better this subject you will be more calm in your medical studies, learning is always a good thing, you can learn more in Magic Chicago Health Center. One of the most frequent questions for young first-time students is: Does this ultrasound hurt?
Pain is one of the things we try to avoid the most by nature, but in fact, breast ultrasounds do not hurt, as they are non-invasive tests. In addition, by not using X-rays do not pose any danger from radiation.

Another one of the doubts is the confusion between one study and another, for example, they ask: Is a mammogram the same as a chest ultrasound?
It is true that both tests study the breast of patients to detect cysts or other alterations but have their differences. Mammography uses a small amount of radiation to obtain images of the inside of the breast. To do it, the breast is placed on the machine designed to do this test and it is compressed to be able to see all the mammary tissues.

Breast ultrasound is usually used as a complementary mammography scan to obtain images of the inside of the breast. When the results of both are crossed, more complete information about the state of the breast is obtained.

Go to your gynecologist to study your case and, if necessary, perform a breast ultrasound. If something has been found on a mammogram that needs to be explored further, breast ultrasound will provide more information.

Remember that prevention is very important and do not be afraid to talk about these issues with your friends and family, the more informed they are, it is the better.

International Congress on Mental Health, Profession and Society

Many times we see congresses of pediatricians or dentists as we can see in DENTAL INFLUENCERS but now the Academic Body of the School of Engineering and Business, Guadalupe Victoria, organized the First International Congress on Mental Health, Profession and Society.

As part of the program, 17 lectures, fourteen poster exhibitions, three workshops, fourteen lectures, as well as three symposia were offered.

The leader of the academic body commented that it was made in order to generate a space for discussion and exchange of reflections about the lines of work of the future of Psychology, expand the perspective of the problems and generate new ideas. And also many people wanted to experts talk about this subjects because they found me really important these days due to diverse problems our society is going through and affect many families.

A special guest was Dr. Robert Tobias from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, who gave the keynote address on Behavioral changes associated with health: an approach from the psychology of health.

During his speech, he commented that there are several problems that affect society such as pollution, overpopulation, health and the need for individual well-being. In order to generate some behaviors in society in order to benefit their health, it is also necessary to change laws, infrastructures, as well as to use psychological methods, either to convince the individual according to their situation.

It showed two campaigns that were carried out in less favored communities of Bolivia and Ethiopia, these campaigns of persuasion was to convince them to boil water and use potable water to reduce health risks.

However, he mentioned some of the challenges that can be encountered by which the expected change in behavior does not occur; for example, those that are based on trust, that have effective connotations, or symbolic values which give us some status.

Medical Services Faster For All

Right now, governments want to reduce the number of patients in the hospital and one of the best measures they can take is the telemedicine project since it is said that it will be able to reduce up to 70% the referral of patients to the hospital. If you do not know what telemedicine is, this works like going to a medical consultation but, at a distance, information and communication technologies make this new form of services possible. Just by sitting in front of a computer, a patient or a relative of the patient can make a consultation and obtain an accurate diagnosis with the appropriate treatment. It can also be used in cases where the patient seeks a second medical opinion, you  can read more in Fearameer Center

Telemedicine has come to revolutionize the world of medicine and to ensure the health of many patients who, due to certain diseases, age or simply distance, find it difficult to reach hospitals. For this, the case is planned that in several areas of health there is a direct thread between family doctors and specialists with which to improve the care of cardiac patients by reducing hospital visits, waiting to go to the consultation and avoid delays in the diagnosis.

Within the telemedicine project, several health centers have been equipped with digital electrospheres, in whose use the Primary Care teams have been trained to carry out the tests and to be quicker in providing care.

The specialists who have worked with this methodology point out that in the five months they have been working with this project, they have achieved important results such as reducing by 50 percent the referrals of Primary Care to cardiology consultations globally and up to 70 percent. cent in the health centers that have digital electros to complement the telemedicine work that is done by video conference. In addition, the waiting time of the patient for a first consultation has also decreased, standing between one and two days waiting to see the specialist, as indicated.

Sex education, little or zero in schools

Maybe many of us remember when we were just going to enter the stage of puberty and it was time for teachers to talk about sex education, there was a lot of confusion not like now that we have internet and there are a lot of medical blogs likeNotaball Health. Long time ago some teachers just made us read pages of a book that talked about the physical changes we would have or they put a video on VHS that taught everything a pre-teen should know, and then they just asked if they had questions, children with such a “shameful” theme for that age it was obvious that they would not want to ask questions in front of all their friends . Even some professors never talked about the subject and thus they taught us that it was a taboo.

That was almost all the sex education we received most of those who today have between 30 and 40. Although some parents did explain these issues to their children, the vast majority just talked about it. After these projections all we knew was that puberty was accompanied by acne, there were menstrual periods, erections and attraction for the opposite sex. Always the opposite sex (never the same) and always with the aim of procreating. Abortion was bad, without discussion. And masturbation was an alternative to release sexual tension but it could be accompanied by some guilt. And that guilt was represented as an accusing finger that came from heaven. The metaphor, evidently, was not the strength of these people.

Currently more and more people, both parents or people who teach children and adolescents, know how important it is for future generations to be informed about sexuality, the different contraceptive methods, so that she does not get pregnant if she does not want and about the prevailing need to decriminalize abortion so that women stop dying in unsafe practices and places.

Family values in schools

We all know how important it is to have a physically healthy family, we can find several articles on ONC HEALTH REHAB Health Blog that help us to inform ourselves about health and thus improve it. However, spiritual health is also an important issue, that is why many families have been very well this autonomic journey of educational pastoral that has focused on this collaboration, offering different approaches and tools to work the spiritual dimension of the family in schools. The activity took place throughout the day in different schools and consisted of four lectures where various theoretical and practical instruments have been exposed to articulate family pastoral projects.

Among the papers has highlighted the intervention of doctors in Psychology. The experts have offered practical tools to help fathers and mothers acquire skills to develop a fuller relationship with their children in the first years of life. Today, young people face more and more pressures in life than when their parents were young and should help them seek professional help.

And is that many have seen the excellent results of good school education at an early age and its effects throughout a lifetime as not only did they have a better family life, but also the values necessary to be a productive person in society. It is not uncommon for people with values to have better positions in their jobs and earn more because they perform better jobs being good working as a team.

Recommendations were also given to parents to help their children eat together as a family at least once a day, perform physical activities in the evenings, limit the use of electronic devices before sleep. All this in order to live more in the family and make a stronger bond, so when your child comes to you the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and sex, you will know where to go for advice, with your family that is always there for him.