Sleep to grow

Many families to get more money or sometimes simply the money needed to cover basic needs make long workdays and if you have children of school age should help them to carry out their homework or school projects which often results in sleepless nights or complications to reach the stage of deep sleep. For adults that makes them have a bad character, low concentration and have low energy levels, in the case of children, the fact of not getting enough sleep or not having a set schedule to go to bed, implies a bad quality of sleep, directly impacting their development if the problem is not corrected in time.

In childhood, growth is promoted by somatropin, better known as growth hormone. It is produced by the pituitary gland and is released mainly at night, during the deep sleep stage of children; If they have difficulty sleeping or the quality of their rest is not appropriate, they will have complications to reach the optimal height for their age. You can learn more about your children’s need for Sky Pulse Medical

The physical development of children is a process in which various factors intervene, both internal and external and of these, the dream is one of the most important.
If a child is unable to achieve a good night’s sleep at night for a while
prolonged, can get to suffer short stature, which means that of continuing
thus, it will hardly reach its normal size when reaching adulthood.

The dream consists of several stages, one of which is known as deep sleep and is what determines a good or poor quality of sleep. Currently, there are a lot of situations that make it difficult for children to get to it, such as electronic devices and stress.

That is why it is good to promote in families the restriction of the use of electronic devices up to one hour before sleep, before the increase in consultations for sleep disorders, such as insomnia and the addictive behaviors that they usually generate.

Alcohol and the shadow of death

We all know a relative who drinks too much, you may want to warn him that drinking a lot of alcohol can reduce years of life and we are not only talking about premature deaths from driving while intoxicated or accidents related to these, we are talking about literally living less As the average life expectancy, as experienced doctors have discovered after analyzing the medical histories of 600,000 people who consume alcohol in 19 countries, a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge came to a conclusion: drinking a drink of alcohol daily can shorten life from 40 years.

In the research, published in a specialized journal, it was found that drinking between 5 and 10 alcoholic drinks a week could shorten the life of the user in six months.

This reduction increases as alcohol consumption increase: those who drink 18 or more drinks can lose up to 5 years of life. And we as humans always look for ways to live longer, we read articles in Greater Lauraville Medical to know how to take care of our bodies better and now with this study, we have the chance to change our lives for good.

The scientists, who compared the clinical histories and the alcohol consumption habits of people in the selected countries, calculated how much of a person’s life could be lost if he took the same way for the rest of his life since he was 40 years old.

The study found that the maximum limit for safe drinking before it triggers a higher risk of death, is around 12.5 units per week, the equivalent of about five pints of beer or five glasses of 175 ml of wine which is a good quantity to enjoy a good moment and have fun. So do not be scared, alcohol is not all bad you just have to watch to avoid falling into excesses if you want to see your grandchildren grow.

New studies reveal more about the brain

We were always taught that the brain as it advanced in age did not develop any new cells after childhood, that being small was easier to learn new things and that when we reached adulthood it was much more difficult to acquire new skills or learn a foreign language, for example. And that not only we heard from our parents or on television, doctors, blogs like Hadley Trump Health and specialists said in the matter, but now more recent studies suggested that if hyperstimulation of specific areas of the brain, new cells could be formed and new studies say that they form thousands of new brain cells or neurons all the time, even when people are very old.

These new studies conclude that problems with mental abilities and memory associated with age are not due to the loss of neurons, but to failures in the neurons themselves to communicate appropriately with each other.

Actually, older people have a similar capacity to generate thousands of new hippocampal neurons from the progenitor cells, as do younger people. However, older people had less blood vessel formation and perhaps less ability of new neurons to establish connections.

This breakthrough could help scientists better understand the causes of dementia and how to prevent it from happening, as the numbers of people with these neurodegenerative disorders are constantly increasing. For their experiment, the experts observed the hippocampus in 28 healthy individuals between 14 and 79 years old who had died suddenly. None of them had cognitive impairment or depression, which can affect the development of neurons.

They discovered that even the most mature brains were forming neurons until death. It is the first time that scientists observe newly created neurons and the state of blood vessels throughout the human hippocampus shortly after death.

Older people formed fewer new blood vessels within the brain structures and had a smaller group of progenitor cells, descendants of stem cells that become neurons. This brain deterioration in old age could be due to this smaller set of neural stem cells, decreased blood vessels and reduced cell-to-cell connectivity in the hippocampus.

Christmas and bad health

First of all, we have to ask ourselves: what do we want to achieve this Christmas? We want to spend time with the family, laugh, listen to music, dance or choke on high-fat foods without nutrients to end the year with diabetes or other diseases that cause poor diet and excesses. We must bear in mind that this objective is affordable and realistic since it is true that it is not bad from time to time to eat a little sweet things and set very high expectations thinking that we should only eat salad will only make us frustrated.

If Christmas itself begins on December 24, days before we will meet other commitments with friends, co-workers and this will be when we will have to be careful not to activate the autopilot because those extra hangouts are those that can unbalance the balance. In addition to traditional Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners and Christmas and New Year’s meals we can have some more events, but not a whole month of excesses.

Healthy Christmas
Specialists suggest a series of guidelines to enjoy a healthier Christmas and meet the goal of maintaining weight, you can read more in Fahmy Lab Medical Research Blog.

Practice exercise. It is the best way to compensate for excesses. It helps maintain balance and that what has been eaten and drunk during these days does not have a negative impact on the weight

In many homes, it is tradition to cook a large amount of food and consume the leftovers the following days. Big mistake, since the excess will not only be done on the day of the celebration in question but also the successive days. So the best thing is to try to cook only the amount that is going to be consumed that day, and if there is something left, distribute it among the guests.

This also applies to sweets, since it is not a matter of having a tray of nougat, etc. all month in an exhibition. If you are greedy, you will have to fight every day with temptation and, you know, the best way to avoid temptation is to not have it within our reach. To do this, plan the purchase well so that we have the sweets on special days and consume them in a moderate amount.

Vital elements of a company

When you own a business, of any kind, a business, agency, autonomous, of food or medical like Enviro Health Center Canada there are several elements that are major in the mind of the entrepreneur or entrepreneur.
Business or business production must never stop and, in addition, it must be visible so that the product obtained or the service offered have possibilities to sell.

To solve the first problem, and avoid production stops or closures too long in business, as a result of the fearsome failures in the flow of electricity, the employer has the opportunity to get one of the electric generators that are offered within this web that we have just referenced.

Despite what is thought, generators are not only a vital element in many sectors, such as hospitals, fire departments or universities. By having a generator for every need, we can have our own machine to generate electricity and that our business is never obstructed by a blackout, which can be due to overload, high temperatures, a thunderstorm or maintenance works, among other causes.

Making sure that nothing is going to stop the production, we must find who is going to keep it, that is, we have to find the customers. And there is no other way than, drawing the attention of this and for this two ways of doing it are understood, by the traditional marketing method and with the use of digital marketing, both equally effective and, therefore, it is necessary to combine both to be more effective.

Having a printing press of these characteristics guarantees a good quality in the impressions that, in addition, the own industrialist can go controlling from his computer, in the office or from his own house, in this way to follow step by step the printing process, to contribute your ideas and check the quality. And it is that having the best quality of printing is essential for the effect that is sought, to draw attention to people who cross street advertising, be as shocking as possible.

Life and its spiritual plane

Doing a little aside what many medical journals like ROBERTO COSTANTINI Medical Doctor Blog talk about life, religious have not commented on textual words: We have long talked about that culture of life and the culture of death, it is the great paradox of our West, which We are in a state of well-being and we have more than enough resources so that all people who come to this world or who already live in it can lead a dignified life, taken care of, accompanied, because curiously that turns against ourselves. These elements of the culture of death begin to emerge, where the human being is not always welcome and always welcomed, a series of conditions are placed at the beginning and at the end of life, it is a curious paradox to see what principles and on what foundations we are building our society and our culture or are we precisely dynamiting fundamental pillars that have built our culture and our way of being proper of a Western society that has its roots in Christianity.

In the note of the Subcommittee, where it is said that it is necessary to do everything possible to alleviate suffering, although extirpating it is not in our hands. There are still those who are saying that deep down the Church does not look bad on the suffering and does not put too much meat on the spit when it comes to alleviating or combating it, what responds to that prejudice? “That we have been created to be happy and to live fully, and what the Church does is help people to move towards that fullness of life that is a fullness of love and knowledge of what is the love of God and of those around us, but inevitably life that has fabulous elements but also carries a percentage of suffering.

Who does not suffer in life? Precisely someone gave meaning to that life, which is Jesus Christ the Lord, and gave meaning to that suffering, which is Jesus Christ the Lord and what the Church does is to accompany these people. In the case that concerns us about euthanasia, we could say in a simplified way that what the Church does is accompany people and avoid them and help them overcome suffering. What euthanasia does is suppress the suffering people, which is just the opposite,  when you talk to professionals who They are dedicated to the end of life, I have a Palliative Unit with a great friend who runs it, he tells me that there are few patients who ask for euthanasia. That when he explains to you, you want to stop living or if I relieve you of suffering, pain and improve your quality of life and we help you and your family to take this situation, would you like to die? So, they say, no. That is the way. Also in times of suffering, in times when life is coming to an end, there is a way to accompany these people with dignity, there is a lot to do with these people and not for that short path that is to end their lives and we have finished The other path, in addition to the one claimed by the sick is that of reality, not that of ideology, and is the path demanded by health professionals who have pronounced that in the face of suffering and difficulty in life, medicine gives answers to help that patient.

The note points out the contradiction, the paradox of wanting to go to the shortcut of a law of euthanasia without even having contemplated a great national pact to promote palliative care that does not leave anyone out of those palliative care, it’s an ideological issue.

The new patch to measure glucose

We all love to read  good news about medicine in Koozeedoo FAMILY HEALTH BLOG and now this is another small breakthrough in modern medicine: the patch extracts glucose from the fluid between the cells and the hair follicles, accessed by miniature sensors

A new adhesive patch is used to measure the level of glucose through the skin, which could make millions of diabetics do not have to hurt themselves for periodic measurements.

The patch extracts glucose from the fluid between the cells through the hair follicles, accessed individually by miniature sensors that use small electric current, and collects it in small reservoirs to measure it.

Glucose level readings can be done every 10 or 15 minutes over several hours.

Thanks to the design of the set of sensors and reservoirs, the patch does not need to be calibrated with a blood sample, which makes fingerprints unnecessary.

The team that created the device hopes that it can become a low-cost device that regularly sends relevant measurements of the glucose level to the user’s smartphone or watch and alerts them if it is necessary to take any action.

An important advantage of this device, according to the researchers, is that each miniature sensor can operate in a small area on an individual hair follicle which increases the accuracy of the measurements.

For this study, the team tested the patch on both pigskins, where it showed that it could accurately read glucose levels throughout the range observed in diabetic human patients, as well as in volunteers, in which it was also able to monitor variations of blood sugar throughout the day.

The next step is to improve the design of the patch to optimize the number of sensors in the device, to demonstrate its total effectiveness during a period of 24 hours and perform fundamental clinical trials.

How to maintain weight on holidays

The holidays are already in sight and many people are wondering what they can do to not return to work with a few extra kilos. The extremes are not recommended since isolating oneself and not celebrating these dates means losing very good moments with family and friends, good meals, but it is also true that holidays should not be synonymous with overeating. Undoubtedly, these are moments for enjoyment and fun, but they require control so that they do not cause a weight and health problem. Below are some tips for not gaining weight during vacations and you can read more about health in TWEAK99 MEDICAL.

Choose to light appetizers. It is usual that the table is full of dishes with different appetizers. In this case, instead of eating directly from the trays, because in the end you lose the notion of how much we have eaten and arrive at the main dish almost without hunger, it is preferable to serve what we are going to consume on a plate and avoid repeating.

As main dishes, it is more advisable to choose fish meat and meat decant for those more lean, such as turkey or chicken. But if tradition is to prepare lamb or suckling pig, enjoy those typical dishes controlling the amount.

It is advisable that the garnishes are not very strong. We can prepare, in substitution of fried potatoes, cooked, roasted or mashed potatoes, baked or grilled vegetables, salads. Try to serve yourself only a small piece of bread to accompany the meal and avoid dipping in sauces or butter.

The drink that accompanies the dishes must also be taken into account. The alcoholic drinks give empty calories, that is to say, a lot of energy and little or no nutritional contribution. We must take special care with those of high alcoholic strength or combined that, in addition to alcohol, have a large amount of sugar.

Dessert. Why not prepare a different one with a fruit base as a healthy alternative so as not to end up with discomfort after the banquet? Pineapple carpaccio with orange juice and cinnamon, fruit skewer with cocoa cover, apple roasted with cinnamon, pears with wine. There are many possibilities to not leave the guests indifferent.

Bishop against euthanasia

In the note issued by the Sub-Commission before the legislative initiatives on euthanasia and assisted suicide, it is recalled that no one is the absolute owner of life. There is no right to arbitrarily dispose of one’s life. Most of the arguments in favor of euthanasia, apart from having to do with a misunderstood compassion, have to do with that absolute freedom of self-determination of the person.

Many blogs of health like Practitioner WA talk about this subject, however, bishops comment: that as in any system of thought, or be part of reality or ideology and start from reality is to realize that one is not that he has lived, but that one is a living being and So much you can not deny yourself. And certainly in the issues that concern us about the end of life, here you can pose things from that ideological point of view, I dispose of my life and I end with it when I want or from my own reality where one would see an existence that he has neither asked nor chosen, he is in a world of relationships that intertwine his own life and there must be at stake his freedom before the moments that arrive and that is the reality and reality for the final moment of life. It is not that I possess a life that I can give or dispose or take away according to a supposed absolute freedom that then, in reality, is not like that, is confronted with what is the reality itself explains the president of the Episcopal Subcommittee on Family and Life.

Euthanasia does not belong to medicine, it is not something that belongs to the field of healthy people. The proper thing for health professionals is to cure when you can, relieve whenever you can, and of course, accompany and comfort the patient, never leave him alone. Euthanasia is outside of medicine, it is not proper to medicine. The Spanish Society of Palliative Care said in 2014 that access to palliative care did not reach 60% in Spain, WHO at the world level, said it did not reach 14%. Health professionals have been demanding a specialty for palliative medicine for many, many years and it is something that is pending. That is why we say that it is paradoxical to go to this ideological shortcut of euthanasia that does not belong to medicine when the path of medicine itself and the professionals themselves claim that the palliatives are bordered and without being addressed adequately in the national portfolio of basic services, it is a paradox.

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